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Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

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Accelero Capital’s strategy involves a carefully crafted vertical approach to investments, one that is not limited to sourcing and concluding deals, but encompasses hands-on management involvement and support as well. While building and monitoring its portfolio, the company taps into synergies between assets to guarantee growth and create value.

Using skills gained from its intensive TMT experience, it is diversifying into a range of new activities, and has recently diversified into new fields.


Opportunities with Turnaround Potential

Accelero Capital targets assets with turnaround potential where our expertise and investments can enhance performance and add value. Key strategies include in-market consolidation, bolt-on acquisitions and partnerships, as well as strategic agreements to accelerate revenue growth, increase margins, optimize capital expenditures and improve free cash flow.

Opportunities with High Growth Potential

Accelero Capital uses expertise and industry know-how to improve cashflow, find and acquire high-growth add-on acquisition targets, create synergies and add value as it integrates assets into its portfolio and helps them expand into new markets.

Investments in Start-Ups

Accelero Capital uses its diverse capabilities to identify and acquire new businesses and entrepreneurial ventures that are marked by innovativeness, scalability and growth. It has been guiding these ventures on securing key skills in management, financing, networking and utilizing technology commercialization with the overriding aim of achieving rapid growth.

Here’s How We Build Opportunities

Accelero Capital's Life Cycle of Value Creation


The highly experienced team’s hands-on vertical approach allows for capturing the utmost value as an industry advances through its life cycle.